As much as I do not like having to put this page up, it is necessary. Years of blogging have introduced me to the damned existence of haters & flamers.

Respect is a two-way street. I am not obliged to be nice to people who are rude, mean or obnoxious.

Things to note:

1. All opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

2. Products and services mentioned are paid for myself, unless otherwise stated.

3. I blog for my own enjoyment, not yours.

4. Dont plagiarize. All the content and photos in this blog are not to be used anywhere in any form, without my prior permission.

5. I dont seek approval from anyone. Please learn to differentiate fact from (your) opinion. 

6. I welcome & encourage comments, sharing and also feedback. But all rude comments- subtle or blatant, directed at me or others, will be deleted. There is no room for disrespectful behavior in my life.

7. You’re certainly entitled to your opinions but I do not have to hear them. There is a fine line between genuine constructive criticism and personal attack. Keep your back-handed remarks and thinly veiled insults to yourself. 

8. I have ZERO tolerance for people who fabricate lies about others & indulge in idle gossip. Ive made it a point to distance myself from such toxicity.

9. I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.

10. If you do not like what you read or see, please feel free to take your eyes elsewhere. 

Lastly, I do not read/ follow the blogs, tweets, Instagram whatnot, of people I do not like and respect. Just saying.



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