Month: October 2017

Love is..

I had the most exhausting week, as I’d just shifted into my new place. My entire body is aching, my hands are painfully dry from all the repeated washing. 

Yesterday the bf helped me to move + stack all of my (super heavy!) plastic Ikea cartons into the study, and hauled all of the empty cardboard cartons (30 of them!) out of the house. 

Woke up this morning to find him cleaning up Cookie’s poop (which Cookie had stepped all over the kitchen. IKR. 💩💩💩💩) 

He told me to go back to sleep, he’ll take care of it. 

Some 10 minutes later, he popped back into the bedroom with hot hojicha for me,and  he held the mug for me to drink cos it was hot. 

It is such a simple gesture, so simple that anyone can do it really, but nobody has ever done it- until now. 

When he sees me sitting with my laptop to reply emails, he comes over to massage my shoulders/ upper back because he knows I have chronic pain in that area. 

When we are watching shows in bed together, he will massage my legs, almost in auto pilot mode. He’s constantly making effort to make me happier and more comfortable, even when he’s tired. 

And this is why I chose him, over all the others. He’s unlike no other. 

Some men think they need to drive a flashy car or have deep pockets to impress women. 

But many women, like myself, just want to be loved and pampered, in ways that money cannot buy. 

I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world. Not for all the tea in China.