Month: April 2016


Today, I made the decision to never let unimportant people affect my life, my mood and my well-being, ever again.

Some people are just not worth my time & energy. 


Lunch @ The Coffee Academics

I hardly blog anymore. (Does anyone still blog anymore??) The only times when I am inspired to blog is when I am angry or sad. I dont like to document unpleasant stuff, I’ll end up reliving it later, over and over..!!

(Also, when all you blog about is angry or angsty stuff, people get the impression that you’re a horrible angry/ angsty person, when 95% of the time, you’re actually happy & cheerful!)

Hence.. the lack of blog posts in the past year. 

Blogging is a nice way to remember happy events and occasions, so I guess I will try to blog more often.

Between work and school, let’s see how I manage to pull that off. 


 Had a lovely lunch + catch up session with my dear friend J last week, at one of my new favorite haunts, The Coffee Academics at Scotts Square.

She was friends with my ex boyfriend and we knew each other > 10 years ago. She used to visit my nail salon at Far East Plaza to do her nails. 

Its so damn long ago, it feels like a different life time. Lol. (I was only 23 years old then. Shite.)

I must say, it is nice to talk to someone who can empathize with your situation and feelings, because she has also been there.


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Good natural light is paramount to good pictures! 

I like to think that we both look the same.. Or in fact BETTER than a decade ago. :D


My brunch came in the form of scrambled eggs with crayfish and caviar on toast. Interesting! Although I’m not sure if I would order it again..

I really like the chicken pot pie and fish tacos though! 




New term at school is starting next week. 

There are 8 modules in total and I’m doing 3 modules this year. Went for the induction session last Wednesday. I am half excited and half terrified.

Was really amused when I collected my textbooks, and saw this:


That’s Fish & Chips on the cover. In a styrofoam takeaway container, no less. 

Couldn’t they find a nicer picture to put on a law textbook!?