Month: April 2015

“Suffocating post-coital interaction”.

I like reading relationship books.

After a couple of horrific relationships in the past (mostly due to my poor judgment and lack of self-love), I feel like I could learn something useful from these books, and gain insight from different authors – both male and female. I really enjoyed the books by Sherry Argov and Steve Harvey. (Yes, ALL of their books.)

Whenever I read a new book, I try to keep a fully open mind. Because whats the point in reading if you’re going to keep your mind closed, right?

I started reading this book written by Ian K. Smith called “The Truth about Men”, and it was all good until I read this part.

I have never gotten so pissed while reading a book.

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“But when you dont have your own place to retreat to or where we can get intimate, you should be aware that the logistics of the physical relationship become more difficult and can make us feel like we’re suffocating- something you never want us to feel.”

This man is MARRIED. (And probably suffocated dead by now. Poor guy.)

$65,000 question: Where does his wife go after he’s done having sex with her? 

Does she retreat to the basement or a different room, so that he can avoid all that “obligatory post-coital interaction”? How awfully considerate of her.

“If you must live in a situation like this, there’s not much you can do but work as hard as possible to improve your circumstances.”

Let me get this straight.

Im supposed to “work as hard as possible to improve my circumstances” & provide a private place to bang, (at least HALF the time), so that he can “do his thing” and fuck off after that, no fuss no muss, no suffocation.

I really dont think so, sweetcheeks. 

Dear Ian. May I suggest something suitable for you?


You dont pay them for sex. You pay them to leave after the sex. What, you’re a classy gentleman with deep pockets? Try escorts then. The high end ones can cost 4 figures/ hour. You probably have to pay for the hotel room too. But hey, you dont have to stick around for the “obligatory post-coital interaction” after you ejaculate. You fuck, you pay, you go. You wont even need to call or text her afterwards. And you will never feel “suffocated”. (Unless of course you’re into erotic asphyxiation. Whatever rocks your kinky boat.)


The Truth About Men? More like The Truth About Assholes Who Just Want to Get Laid With Bare Minimal Effort. Its not fair to assume all men are exactly the same as you, is it?

“….and not the “quality” time that couples spend together.”

Note the quotation marks around the word “quality”. Interesting. (What? I am a woman. I notice E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Its in my fucking DNA.)

“…False path of misplaced assumptions?”

Ooh such big words. I probably lack the mental faculties to process this correctly. After all, I did not graduate from Harvard nor have M.D. behind my name.

Please, enlighten me. What exactly am I supposed to take away from this?

That men are perfectly capable of being kind, sweet and loving partners, but they’re just not a fan of post-coital interaction and women should not take it personally? Hey, I am not a fan of post-coital super loud snoring, but I havent written a book to whine about it.

Beautifully packaged bullshit is still bull shit. I may love to shop but I dont buy BS. Sorry. 

How about obligatory PRE-coital interaction, otherwise generally known as “dating”? Dinners, movies, plays, long walks on the beach… are these tiresome or suffocating for you as well? If so, please do get your lungs checked. Maybe its lung cancer.

Or is it just POST-coital interaction that you have a problem with? Gee, I wonder why.

No no, of course the desire to avoid post-coital interaction with a woman you supposedly love and care about isnt the “biggest crime in the world”. You’re just…. kinda a dick.

Well. I have a brilliant idea.

How about I dont ever let guys like you in through my door, that way you boys will never ever have to worry about how quickly you can get out the door, OR worry about any obligatory post-coital interaction because there wont be any coitus.

Please, dont let me keep you from “taking care of business” or “going off to do your own thing”. I can be completely sympathetic towards your situation as well. :)))))

Its so simple really. If you want to be treated like a King, you better learn how to treat a woman like a Queen. If you’re not able to make that effort for whatever reasons, then you should probably learn to manage your expectations.

If a man has issues with PRE or POST coital interaction, the solution is very very simple.

Use your hand, its always there 24/7 and its free. (Awesomeeeeee.) You dont have to talk to your own hand, do you?

Or buy a blow up doll. They look hideous and probably smell kinda plasticky and gross but you wont need to take them out to dinner, or send them home afterwards- they have no expectations, unlike real women with real orifices. Bonus: They have no opinions and never talk back. Perfect!

The author also wrote in another chapter in this book about “gold diggers” and how men will never take relationships with these women to another level. I do agree there ARE women like that. Think PRC sluts and dirty old men with CPF $$$. But not every woman who wants to be treated well is a gold-digger, mind you. EVERY MAN wants to have sex, but it doesnt mean they’re all sex-crazed perverts. Fair enough? :)

This fellow wants to bang and fuck off asap (preferably before he suffocates), but women are not supposed to want anything from him, except his LOVE. Lol. If this isnt brain-washing at its manipulative finest, I dont know what is.

(Seriously though, I am really really curious about WHERE his wife goes after sex! Surely she wouldnt want her husband to suffocate.)

I cant believe I spent S$13.09 on his book. Well I guess things could be worse. I could be buying all his BS.

P.S: This blog is definitely R21 and frequently peppered with profanities and strong language . If you’re easily offended, go read something else. I recommend Little House on The Prairie.