Month: September 2014


I love this video.

Samantha is one of the most talented MUAs out there. I love that she is unafraid to voice her opinions and stand up for herself. I am so glad and relieved that I am not the only one who encounters issues with judgment and criticism.


Its amusing to me how some people enjoy bitching and gossiping about others’ appearance and judge what they choose to wear- makeup, faux eyelashes, hair extensions, colored contact lens, etc etc.

And now that Ive got my double eyelids done, Ive seen a couple of weird and uncalled for remarks/ hashtags, which seem targeted at my recent procedure.

Hashtags like #nomakeup, #notphotoshopped, #noplastic, #nofilter


Some of us werent born gorgeous, unfortunately. If you manage to look great without any makeup or plastic surgery, power to you! But the shade-throwing kinda smells like deeply rooted insecurity.

I enjoy wearing makeup and I like how I look with makeup on, faux eyelashes and all. I dont like going out with my bare naked face. I am 31 years of age, and am trying to improve my complexion so that I can gradually use less and less foundation products and only wear some eye makeup. Unfortunately foundation makeup tends to accentuate fine lines and I feel that too much makeup is very aging on women past a certain age. I am hoping to completely eliminate foundation off my makeup routine in a year or two.

But its my prerogative to wear as much or as little makeup as I want. Its my face. You dont have to like it. :)

Its very strange to me how people can get their teeth done- orthodontics, whitening, veneers, whatnot, to improve one’s appearance and nobody bats an eye.

BUT do anything to your face, and all of a sudden it is gossip worthy.


Having an opinion is one thing, but choosing to post a remark about it with intent to be snarky/ sarcastic… is another. 

Throwing shade at others, doesnt make you shine any brighter. #justsaying



I feel the same way about big girls who seem to enjoy making skinny girls feel bad about themselves. Its fine if you love your “curves” and you’re proud of your body. Just dont go around saying shit like:

“Real men love curves, only dogs love bones”.

This statement is so dumb on so many levels.

Firstly- There are men in all sorts of sizes, and they like women in all sorts of sizes. Some like only big girls, some like skinny girls, and some like whatever they can get. Lol. Secondly- Dogs dont eat bones. They arent supposed to, its very dangerous because bones splinter and can puncture their insides.

**Whatever you do, DONT give bones to dogs!!**

Its so presumptuous and rude to assume that skinny girls throw up their dinners, nibble on only salads, or starve themselves to stay thin. Some of us happen to be born skinny, and we simply cannot put on weight regardless of how much we eat. So if you’re a big girl, it must mean you stuff your face 24/7?

A decade ago, Ive had to pay a lot of money for a 6 month weight gain program, for fuck’s sake. I was a mere 33kg, and extremely frail. I put on about 10kg, and finally went from looking like an emaciated anorexic to a healthy woman. For the first time in my life, I actually had a good appetite and was really happy with my weight.

And there are ignorant fools who think I had to starve myself to stay slim?? Please. Just because I am slim, doesnt mean Ive never had struggles with my weight. Being too thin is a problem too, okay?

If you can love your “curves”, then surely I can love my “bones”?


If I dont make any rude snarky remarks about your body or weight, dont try to make me feel bad about mine.