Month: February 2014


I hate Valentines Day.


Dont get me wrong. I am a romantic at heart. But Valentines Day is horse shit.

The last thing I want to do is get dressed up to go to a packed restaurant and pay suckers’ price for  one fucking dinner.

Only because society has conditioned everyone into doing so. Women have been conditioned to EXPECT romantic V-day dinners, flowers and gifts while men are EXPECTED to provide the above. If you dont, you get labelled “unromantic” and “cheapskate”, among other things.

Okay, say you’re a guy and you take your girl out to dinner on V-day and you give her a nice petite bouquet of flowers.

A couple strolls by & the girl is clutching a HUMONGOUS bouquet, with a smirk on her face. I guarantee- neither of you are going to feel good about that. Your girl who was previously quite happy, would now feel like the bouquet she has is MEH, and you’ll feel a bit like a cheapskate who did not splash out for a bigger one. (Even when you have already paid waaayyy too much for a bunch of stupid flowers which ARE going to die in less than a week.)

Bring on the mind games. :)

Make no mistakes about it. Its a competition. 

Its the same thing with fucking engagement rings.

Ooooh. How many CARATS? 

I remember posting a photo of my ring back in late 2011 and there were people who asked “How much?” & “Expensive?”

Har? How the heck would I know?? (Unless I requested to see the receipt, and why the hell would I do that?) And more importantly, WHY does it matter?

Your diamond could be 1 carat, or 0.8 carat. Or it could be of a different “clarity”. Thing is, you wont be able to tell with the naked eye. Surely you are not going to stare at that diamond all day under a microscope?

What you CAN tell however, is whether your hubby/ boyfriend is sweet and caring to you on a regular daily basis. I say fuck the huge diamond ring. I like simple and classy. I find it quite obscene to wear something that expensive and loud. Sorry, but in my humble opinion even 1 carat is too loud.

I knew someone whose husband proposed with a 1 carat diamond ring, the diamond was not even sparkly. In fact, I seriously have doubts that its even a real diamond. But I guess he had to shell out so much $$$$$$ so that they can flaunt the 1 CARAT diamond ring to everyone.

What are we trying to prove here? That hubby has more disposable income? Or that hubby loves you more because he spent more dough on your ring?

*rolls eyes*

You are aware that diamonds are a scam, right? Diamonds are not worth nearly as much as what they cost in the store. Once they leave the store, they have little value.

And they’ve got the whole world buying into this. Ingenius sneaky bastards!!!!

I do like shiny sparkly things. Hello, I AM a woman. But erm, Swarovski crystals also sparkle and shine very beautifully at a mere fraction of the price.

(Having said that, I dont think its acceptable to propose to a woman with a crystal ring. LOL. SORRY.)

Sometimes I kinda feel sorry for men. All these poor dudes have to fork out so much money (apparently the rule of thumb is equivalent of 3 months his salary??!!), to buy a piece of rock, so that they can impress his (hopefully) future wife and all her friends. Le sigh.

I AM a romantic. Which is why I dont believe that love is about putting on a show for others. So what if you wear a 1 or 2 carat diamond ring on your finger, but your husband isnt sweet and loving?? Unfortunately all the marketing and advertising gimmicks have made “love” into such a commercialized affair.

I would never want to go to a fancy restaurant on Valentines’ Day. Its so….. contrived. I’d much rather just tabao some black carrot cake, BBQ stingray and hokkien mee and pig out at home!!