Month: January 2013

Wisdom tooth extraction.

I had my wisdom tooth extracted last Friday.

I’ve had composite fillings done last year, they came off after only a few months. The dentist fixed them for me at no charge. They came off again, so I went back and did ugly old-school amalgam ones.

WHICH ALSO CAME OFF. While I was in Bali on holiday. FML.

So I went to Atria-Pan Dental and got it fixed by Dr Cliff Ong, about 2 months back.

Dr Ong informed me that the fillings didnt stick because there was a piece of gum partially “blocking” the tooth. So he burned away that piece of gum and re-did the fillings for me.

Which stayed. 

Unfortunately, I started having pain in that tooth and it was quite bad on Thursday. I called on Friday morning at 9am (the minute they open!!) and requested for Dr Ong to see me asap. By Friday noon I was in so much pain, I had to go to the GP just to get some Arcoxia to help with the pain. The Panadol I took in the morning had no effect. :(

I was given an appointment in the afternoon. Super grateful to be given a slot because I had no prior appointment.

After an X-ray, Dr Ong informed me that its probably best to extract because there is decay in that tooth, and theres no point in keeping it. I agreed…. a tad unwillingly cos Ive already extracted so many teeth in the past decade. 4 when I had my braces done in 2004, 2 more after that due to decay, and now one more?!! :(

Omg Im going to be BOGEY!!!


He injected the LA into my gums and I swear I barely felt a thing. He massages the gums at the same time he injects (talk about multi-tasking!!), so you dont feel the needle as much! You mostly just feel his fingers rubbing your gums. Its brilliant.

After the LA jabs….I felt really gaggy, like there was some thick phlegm stuck in my throat and I just couldnt clear it.

He told me its normal cos some of the anesthetic has numbed the throat a little bit. He said he has experienced the same thing before. At one point I thought I was gonna puke. He passed me a mirror and showed me that my throat was clear, there’s nothing inside, just to reassure me.

So I requested for a little time to rest. I was shaking so hard because I was so nervous and anxious. They covered me with a thick blanket and got me some warm water to sip.

He told me dont worry, just relax and take all the time I need. After about 10 mins, I felt better so I said okay lets do it, lets get it over with.

He went in, grabbed my tooth and it was out in literally 2 seconds flat.



I was like, “HUH SO FAST!!”

Once the tooth came out, I felt much better. The nausea faded away and I stopped shaking. I guess all that anxiety probably triggered it. I was so overwhelmed I shrieked,

“Omg.. I LOVE YOU!!”

He laughed. LOL. He must be used to people telling him that by now.

I really love how he is super patient and reassuring. He always tells me what he’s going to do, BEFORE he actually does it, so there are no nasty surprises and I am not lying there wondering what the hell is happening.

“Okay this is slightly painful ok, take a deep breath….”, “Okay almost done. Just one more jab. Just a few seconds more.”, “Okay Im done! Thats the worst part. Its over.”

He also wrote his mobile number on his name card and told me I can call him anytime if there’s any problem. What really impressed me was that not only is he damn skillful (you can FEEL it when he works on your teeth), but he is also genuinely very kind-hearted and you can feel he cares about his patients and their well-being.

I told him I havent eaten in 2 days (due to the pain), and so he prescribed me a painkiller (Panadeine) which will not cause any gastric issues instead of the usual Ponstan, which isnt too stomach-friendly. Most dentists wont even care, because even if you get gastric issues, its not their problem. Their job is simply to prescribe you painkillers to deal with the pain.

Thats not all.

I was so exhausted when I got home (cos I had no sleep the night before), I dozed off after having some soup, and woke up around midnight. 7 hours after the extraction, even with no painkillers, I did not feel ANY pain. 

No pain at all. 

I had to check my phone’s camera roll, just to confirm I indeed had my wisdom tooth extracted earlier.


In the past after every tooth extraction, I experienced fairly bad pain after the anesthesia wore off, even with oral painkillers. I dont know how the heck he pulled that off. (Pun fully intended.)

I was actually quite worried how I was going to go to work the next day being all sore and swollen, and probably might not even be able to talk. But I was not in ANY pain and I could talk normally. I went to work on Sat morning at 5.30am and I felt great. You wouldnt guess Ive had a wisdom tooth extracted just barely 12 hours ago.

Of course all that finesse and skill do not come cheap.




I cant remember the last time I spent this much money in a single receipt! :x

BUT, I will never go to another dentist. I FOUND THE ONE!

Dr Ong is THE. BEST. DENTIST. EVER. Hands down.

(Actually its a gross understatement to call him a “dentist” because he is an oral surgeon with a long list of credentials.)

I go to him knowing for sure that I am in good hands and he really makes the effort to make sure I am as comfortable as possible- just that comforting feeling alone is worth every cent.

NOBODY likes going to the dentist and dental visits are usually quite traumatizing, but somehow he managed to make it really bearable and okay, even with a wisdom tooth extraction. Thats magical.

If you are super terrified of dental visits like me (Damn NDC scarred me for life..!!) and is looking for a good dentist, I highly recommend Dr Cliff Ong.

Simply unbeatable.

(And no I am not paid or sponsored in any way for this entry.)

Atria-Pan Dental
Paragon Medical Level 19
Tel: 6733-3133


Happy 2013!

I am starting the new year afresh here in my WordPress. :)

Anyway 2012 has been a pretty good year for me. There were some setbacks but nothing major. Work is great, I am healthy.. Cant complain! :) I cant believe 2012 just flew past in a flash!!

Cheers to an awesome 2013! I know its going to be great!