Month: September 2012

Quick update

I havent been blogging…

Kinda lost the mojo to blog. Anyway I think I will slowly blog more here, and less over at LJ.


I cant believe its already mid Sept. Before we know it, it would be Christmas! Jeez.



I have a facial appointment at 11am tomorrow today, so Id better go to bed soon.

Ive been staying up late reading. Finished the 50 Shades trilogy. I have to say its a very intriguing series. I dont think anyone has written books quite like these. I like the books, but theres just wayyy too much sex. Lol.

I also just read another book by Steve Harvey- Straight Talk, No Chaser. I thoroughly enjoyed his first book- Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man.

Kobo will bankrupt me one day.


I baked Nutella cookies again for the second time this evening.

I had wanted to make cornflake cookies, then I realized I dont have any new blocks of (unsalted) butter in the fridge. So I decided to make Nutella cookies instead, which only requires 3 ingredients- Nutella, plain flour and eggs. Which I DO have.

I stole the recipe from Beverly’s blog. In fact it was her recipe which inspired me to bake in the first place! It looked so easy, I HAD to try it.


The recipe:

1 cup Nutella

1 cup plain flour

1 egg

1/4 cup sugar (optional)

I used the 375g tub Nutella, so I put approx 375 g of flour, and 2 eggs. Plus 1/4 cup of sugar. (I like my sugar!) Instead of using a whisk, I found it easier to knead the dough with my (clean!) bare hands, and kinda squeeze / smush the mixture through my fingers. Then I simply rolled them into balls and pressed them flat on the baking sheet.

Put them into the pre-heated oven for 15 mins at 180 degrees.

Came out pretty good! I gobbled two. :P


I wanna try baking/ roasting savory dishes next! Would be nice to have oven-baked pasta- my fave Mac & Cheese, roasted chicken/ fish etc.. Yum! I LOVE having an oven!

Okay. Off to bed.